Digital Design

We build websites that leave a long-lasting impression.

At Brandcentric, we understand the importance of an effective online web strategy, and we’re committed to making the internet a better place in both function and form. Usability, navigation, readability, aesthetics, browser standards, and mobile compatibility are our guiding principles as we develop custom sites.

We also know what it takes to maintain websites behind-the-scenes. Whether we’re purchasing (or redirecting) domains and URLs, hosting your site, or working with third-party hosts, we’ll be in close communication with your IT staff and other stakeholders to ensure the project goes smoothly before, during and after the launch. Efficient content management systems will keep your site easy to edit, ensuring that your messaging stays current.


  • Content management system (CMS) and template development
  • eCommerce (merchant, payment, shipping and tax integration)
  • Responsive web design
  • Digital advertising
  • Search engine optimization and internet marketing
  • Google Analytics implementation
  • Website/email hosting on a dedicated server
  • Daily onsite/offsite backups
  • Post-launch training
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Print Design

Communication can take many forms and we surround ourselves with ideas that leap off of paper. Make sure your message is read and remembered.

New ways to tell your brand’s story emerge every day, making it tempting to overlook more traditional forms, like print, that are tried and true. Print has a long shelf-life, is now more affordable than ever, and can help reinforce your message across a multi-tiered marketing plan. We can help you integrate all of your communication efforts to ensure you’re talking to just the right people in just the right ways.


  • Collateral
  • Print advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Outdoor/signage
  • Catalogues
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Whether you are an industry icon or a local business, we revel in branding your company so that it is appealing to the audience listening in.

When it comes to introducing your brand or product to the marketplace, there are no perks to being a wallflower. Your name has to grab attention without causing any eye rolls; and your logo must speak volumes without having to yell. At Brandcentric, we love when strong names meet dynamic visuals – sparks fly and memorable brands are born. We can help with every step of the process, including naming, focus groups, securing (or repurposing) domains and URLs, and creating original logos.


  • Company naming
  • Product naming
  • URL procurement
  • Custom logo design
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Email Marketing

From a well-crafted HTML email to a turn-key solution, Brandcentric prides itself as an expert in email marketing.

Email marketing is an inexpensive tool that is often overlooked yet is very effective in maintaining a relationship with your current customers and could jump start the conversation with new leads. One of the key parts in writing an email message is playing the fine line of selling and pushing vs being a reputable source of information. Customers want to know you are there but don’t need reminded every 5 minutes of it.

There is also an art in how the message is delivered. Striking headlines, clever subject lines, subtle call-to-actions, beautiful images and curiosity-evoking teasers – these all play a part in a well crafted email that can ultimately generate revenue for your company. If you’re wondering whether or not you should make the investment, look no further and let us work together in getting the fire started for a new email marketing program that delivers.


  • HTML eBlasts/eNewsletters programmed under strict standards
  • Experience with iContact, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Constant Contact
  • Dynamic messaging and variable implementation
  • List management (segments, suppression, CRM integration)
  • Compliance with CAN-SPAM laws
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Motion Media

Whether you need a web clip, tv spot or a video presentation, Brandcentric has the resources needed to make it all happen from start to finish.

Telling a story or marketing through live action is a medium that most customers love. Compared to other forms of communication, it has depth and allows for opportunities which wouldn’t normally be possible. Adapt to this fast changing world by using video as a form of communication.


  • Art direction, script development, filming
  • Post production video editing and title creation
  • DVD interface design and packaging
  • Tradeshow kiosks
  • Sales presentations

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Content Development

Our content development strategy will make your words matter.

Just as the right pairing of name and logo is crucial to the success of a brand, the right combination of words and visuals will bring your marketing message to life. Too many words, and your audience tunes out. Busy, extraneous graphics – even the shiny bells and whistles kind – are distracting and bury your call to action.

We believe that concise language and clean designs make for a powerful, one-two punch in the world of effective communication. Brandcentric can help you from the earliest stages of your project by conducting research and interviews, writing copy for a variety of formats, and helping you reach internal and external audiences.


  • Research
  • Copywriting for web/print
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Editorials
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